the BVRRC Riders Challenge

V.P. Steiny, Chairman

 Part 1 – Club Participation – 2020 Annual Challenge

  1. This is an annual contest with a winner or winners each year.
  2. The member (or members, in case of a tie) with the most club participation in the calendar year will be awarded a prize.

Part 2 – The Riding Challenge – Ongoing

  1. This is not an annual event. Any member who visits 12 states, is awarded a prize.
  2. You don’t have to complete this in one calendar year. You can carry your visited states into the next year, or as long it takes, to meet the 12-tate threshold.
  3. When you complete 12 states, you start on 12 different states.
  4. Anyone who completes all 4 segments and visits all lower 48 states will earn a “grand prize.”
  5. Anyone who visits Alaska as part of a 12-state segment will earn a bonus!

NOTE: All prizes and bonus to be determined.

Click here to see the … 2019 Riders Challenge Final Standings

Reach out to V.P. Steiny if you have any questions about the program.

Now go ride and have fun!