Product Reviews

The products on this page have been used and are recommended by members of the BVR. Be sure to investigate any product before you purchase because we certainly are not promising that you will like it as much as we did. Furthermore if you do not like it we do not want to hear your complaining.


The XDA-101 series is designed to protect your Victory and look good doing it. The system integrates seamlessly into your front caliper by replacing the caliper bracket on one side. It then accepts a hardened steel spring loaded pin that cannot be removed without a custom key. There is no fear of damage to the bike caliper or rotor if you try to ride away with it in. The pin is small enough to carry in your pocket. Excellent peace of mind when leaving your bike somewhere out of sight.

Road Ready Bags

Road Ready luggage is made for all makes of motorcycles.They offer custom fit mounting system (extra comfort for passenger), 3 large exterior pockets one with a cooler insert for side pocket and hidden backpack straps.The Roll bag (10″X14″) has its own sissybar mounting so you can use it independently or with the main bag.Their luggage is waterproof and comes with a hassle free lifetime warranty on all materials and workmanship.If you are riding around town or across the country, there is something in the Road Ready luggage line for you.